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aloha and welcome to RudeBits Productions this is the temporary home of rudebits online. i have very bad luck with web page building and this is the only one that works for me so im sticking with it till i can find somthing i like better. i really dislike the colors and the lack of control as to where i can put things on my page it really pisses me off and makes me wish i wasnt so lazy so id already have learnd html and would be makin super mad pages>

aight well RudeBits is a small kine project ive been working on for a few years now. i deal primarily with video and one day film. but i also deal with bands recordings and one day publishing. the company is run by me (AbweZimba) wich is ZimbAbwe mixed up. my real name is kumu. david and josh also help out alot with RudeBits. they are hosts on one minute warning the TV show that RudeBits Produces and they are also in a few bands that has some sort of a connection to RudeBits>

aight well this site is constantly under construction and i suck alot at this stuff so please if you see spelling and grammer errors dont be mad or think im stupid cuz i work on this between the hours of 2am and 6am so im always super tierd at the time of page creation>

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